Pest control Parramatta

When you notice pests on your residential or commercial property, you first try using some off-the-shelf sprays and pesticides.  When those fail, you contact a professional pest control in Parramatta to deal with the pests.  We at Top Quality Pest Control l take pride in offering you a 100% guarantee that when we handle any of your jobs we will make sure your home or premises are free from those infestations.

Being a family-operated company we know that time and money are of prime importance and that every customer has different requirements. The focus is also on personalisation; we have designed packages to suit the needs of our clients and can provide custom solutions for all your pest control needs and treat infestations including:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Rats /mice
  • Termites
  • Black & red ants
  • Mosquitoes and German Cockroaches
  • Flies, Bees and wasps
  • Feral Pigeons
  • Other Birds
  • Spiders and Carpet Beetles
  • Termites  and Silverfish
  • Other pests

Different Treatments

We use a residual insecticide concentrate in the management of ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas and bedbugs in various residential and commercial properties. Bed bugs if not treated immediately, can become a major infestation in a fairly short period of time. Newly hatched bed bugs can mature into an adult in five short weeks. They can survive without a meal and lie dormant for long periods of time.

The moment you notice bedbugs in your home, you must get customised Pest control in Parramatta to deal with this infestation. We believe that communication and educating the client in the effective treatment of bed bugs goes a long way in achieving successful eradication of these pests. Our highly-qualified technicians will handle the treatment and the outcome is always positive.

Why opt for our services?

Here are some great reasons for hiring professional company for pest control in Parramatta to deal with the pests in your house and property.

  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our service is exceptional
  • The products we use are environmentally friendly and pet-friendly.
  • Our workforce is highly experienced in this field
  • All our personnel are licensed professionals
  • We provide affordable services
  • Non toxic pesticides used

Customised solutions

A number of repeat customers opt for our Pest control in Parramatta services. The best way to stop a pest issue is to make sure it’s stopped in the initial stages before it gets out of control.  For a customised solution for Pest control in Parramatta, we can offer you custom packages to suit your specific need.

Since we use the latest pest detection equipment we can easily identify the breeding points of the pests, and then get rid of them in the shortest possible time, without the use of toxic products. We avoid using products that would harm your health as well as your family and pets, and are consistently upgrading our services to keep all pests at bay.

Call us today

When it comes to dealing with pests, the best way to avoid harming the health of your family, employees or customers, is to opt for the services of a reliable and experienced company like Top Quality Pest Control.   We will provide you with consistently high grade services that will keep the pests at bay. Contact us for Pest Control in Parramatta and we will provide you reasonably-priced services and the best packages. You can use the form on our site or call us on 0403 512 191 with your requirement today.